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CSN submitted to the Zoning Commission a strong list of many points of errors, omissions, and new evidence for reconsideration by the Zoning Commission regarding the decision to approve the Adams Morgan luxury hotel.

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District of Columbia Zoning Commission Case No. 11-17
Research Archive [full archive at Zoning Commission site: Type “11-17”]


  • Why did the Office of Planning and Zoning Commission look at only the architectural aspects of this proposed hotel project and ignore key provisions of the Comprehensive Plan which contend with social and economic impacts on the surrounding small minority businesses and residents?
  • Was the choice to ignore these key policies and strategies of the Comprehensive Plan an act of purposeful neglect by the Office of Planning and Zoning Commission?
  • If the result of ignoring these key social and economic impacts of the Comprehensive Plan leads to gentrification of small businesses and residents does this rise to a form of discrimination?

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